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    Color of the Week: Cut the Mustard

    Cut the Mustard by Sherwin Williams

    I am unashamedly the person that as soon as it’s September 1, I am bringing out the pumpkin flavors, orange and gold tones, and sweaters. I am totally aware that even in Colorado, it’s still 80+ degrees most of these early fall days–I don’t care…you cannot stop me.

    With that being prefaced, today’s feature color brings in all the fall vibes. This warm mustard tone is not a bright neon yellow like the name implies it might be. It’s a warm golden tone that reminds me of the Aspens driving up through the Front Range. While I’m not an advocate of painting your home to match the seasons, if Fall is your fave, maybe consider bringing this color into a space to make it bright, cheery, and happy. And don’t feel ashamed if you leave an apple cider candle in the space year round!


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