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    Color of the Week: Du Jour

    Du Jour by Valspar

    White paint. Sounds simple, right? WRONG! There are almost TOO many options when it comes to paint colors, but especially when it comes to white paint. If you Google “best white paint” you may be lucky to find a list of about 20. Let me repeat that, 20 white paints! All that being said, there are a few tried and true classics of white that are helpful to have on hand that are always a solid choice. Du Jour by Valspar is consistently one of these favorites. Du Jour is a cooler, almost pure white that is great for neutral trim, large blank walls that may want to star as a gallery, kitchen or cabinet white, etc. You really can’t go wrong with this one. It has very minimal undertones and is very pure and bright. Take a look at some photos below to see Du Jour in action!


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