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    Container Homes

    With the world suffering through a global pandemic and all that it entails, many are wondering how to ultimately become more self-sufficient. Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned with ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle–even when it comes to the design & build of their homes.

    Enter the Container Home.

    Container Homes are exactly what you would think: repurposed shipping containers designed to be unique, modern, industrial, and often self-sufficient.

    While you may initially balk at the idea of living inside a sterile metal box, give it a thought. Container homes are an efficient way to not only reuse a retired shipping container, which run from about $1,500-5,000 depending on size, but also create a unique home that could be customized to suit everything from floor plans, finishes, size, and efficiency. Many container homes are completely “off the grid”, running totally off a well and solar panels. Container homes are also interesting in that they can run wildly in size. While most stick towards the trend of a “tiny home” size, if you have the budget and the available design you could hypothetically build on with the rectangles indefinitely–ultimately creating a massive home to the size of your liking.

    Check out these photos for inspiration of what a shipping container home could mean for you. All you need is some land.

    The Lily Pad

    The Meadows Container Home


    The Boho Box Hop


    What do you think? Could you live in a shipping container home like these?

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