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    Emerging Trends: Creating the Perfect Home Office

    How to Create the Perfect Home Office

    We are spending more and more time at home and working from home. Now, as we look to the start of a school year that could potentially see us all going back and forth from the office/school to home. How do we set up our home spaces now to create the ideal space to work and learn? There are a few key elements that we all need.

    1. Make it a designated space | Psychologically, it can be hard to focus in the same space where you usually sleep or hang out. Carving out a space that is designated just as a working area can help you focus and hone in on what needs to be done; whether that is work is answering emails or teaching fractions is up to you.
    2. Let in natural light | Avoid the mid-afternoon slump by creating a space that has lots of natural light flowing in to keep your brain awake and happy with that daily dose of Vitamin D!
    3. Get the right furniture | That beautiful captains chair may look stunning on Pinterest, but does it really work for your body? When sitting in one place for extended periods of time, keep your back supported with a solid and well designed ergonomic chair. Standing desks are also a great option for those more active people that can’t stand sitting still. This goes for kids too. If your student struggles to sit and focus, maybe consider letting them work at a standing desk or at the counter. We all need to keep our bodies and brains moving, so find the right pieces for your home that encourage that.
    4. Personalize | We all love having a space that feels specifically ours and unique. Your office should be the same way. Choose thoughtfully curated pieces and art to accent the rest of  your home  but make your mind and body feel at home and productive.
    5. Create a cozy corner | It’s important to be focused and active while working from home, but we also need a place to decompress and take it in. Create a corner in your office area that has a cozy oversized chair or chaise lounge for reading.
    6. Keep video chats in mind | Who would have thought at the start of 2020 that Zoom and other video sites would suddenly become such an integral part of our lives?! We all have video meetings of late, including students! Create a space in your office or home that is specifically used for your video chats. Have a clean background with a few accents, make sure it’s well lit with both natural and artificial light, keep your computer at a good angle, and keep it comfortable!

    I have linked some of our favorite office space inspirations to help give a guide of what your office space can be!


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